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Marc sits quietly in front of his laptop. Doing his best not to hunch forward, he pulls his shoulders back. With a pensive look on his face, he hunches forward yet again. He stares blankly. It takes everything in his power to keep his eyes on the screen, even though he'd rather be looking anywhere else. His hands inch closer to the keyboard, he begins to type.


MARC (text)

Drawing from more than 15 years of experience as a director and filmmaker, my craft is centered around the art of visual storytelling, characterized by a commitment to realism and authenticity. I specialize in creating captivating short-form documentary and commercial content, showcasing a particular emphasis, but not limited to subjects relating to sports, perseverance, health and well-being.

Sporting a sheepish look of accomplishment, he stares blankly through his screen and a thousand yards beyond. Fearing he's written something cringe worthy, he can't help but roll his eyes before shutting his laptop. He stands up and walks into the kitchen. He opens the fridge as he scratches his upper left buttock.

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